Acmidrons, a Calicut based leading engineering company offers HVAC/Civil/MEP/Interior design services all over Kerala. With over a decade of experience, we pays attention in providing value based services at affordable prices.

With a team composed of talented and competent designers, engineers, and architects, each with their own fields of expertise that you can rely on, Acmidrons never fails to satisfy their clients. Specializing in providing both traditional and modern designs, this company can offer a wide range of services.

Quality Policy

ACMIDRONS Goal is Total Quality Management-fully satisfy our customer’s requirements through a process of continuous improvement. Total Quality Management is a long-term commitment aimed at continuously improving the way we plan and work, providing a safe work environment, managing our business process and giving our customers the best solutions. It is our goal to posture our company for market expansion, thereby providing improved job security and quality of life for all.